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Cages that will make your birds positively chirpy

Our bird cages come with strong wire mesh for in-cage feeding, metal pull-out trays and wooden perches.
The wire mesh, perches and the fitting for the perches are easily removed for easy cleaning of the glass sides of the cages.
As with our terraria and rodent cages, our bird cages may also be turned round in the shelving unit, so they can be accessed from the back.
Our bird cages have the same dimensions as our terraria and rodent cages, so you can easily combine these three types of cages in the same shelving unit. For example, you could have a bird cage at the top and two rodent cages below in the same shelving unit.
We are also pleased to be able to launch two new shelving units for birds, specially manufactured to meet new veterinary legislation in Norway and Sweden.

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